Our Commitment to Sustainability

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability through continual environmental, social, and economic initiatives, both internally and externally. We strive to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals by extending the serviceable life of the building envelope. Our aim is to provide sustainable roofing products, to protect the environment, and to practice corporate responsibility through our everyday operations and continued recycling efforts.

95% of the materials we use for our products are sustainable, including our reusable extruded aluminum bar and recyclable galvanized steel covers.

We are committed to:

  • Continuing to develop and manufacture products that positively influence building sustainability to maximize the life of the roof, like our Anchor-Tite products with a Lifetime, 215 MPH Wind Warranty.
  • Supporting and educating our customers with exceptional, informative service to help them specify and install sustainable and environmentally friendly roof systems.
  • Furthering our internal initiatives of reducing, reusing, and recycling, including repurposing wooden pallets from incoming materials and recycling scrap metal from our manufacturing processes.
  • Maintaining a proactive approach to compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations, permits, and building codes.
  • Sourcing materials from companies who are also environmentally and socially responsible, like our painted raw materials that are Energy Star rated.
  • Promoting a corporate culture of environmentally and socially responsible team members with continued education.
  • Making every effort to keep our products 100% Made in the USA.

We continue to look for additional ways to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes that benefit our customers. For more information about our sustainable roof products and corporate initiatives, contact us today and check out the links below.

Sustainability Resources