Religious Sanctuaries

Inspiring the Flock, Protecting the Sanctuary

To achieve both of the goals above, architects and construction contractors of religious sanctuaries must choose their building products wisely. The smart choice in roof edge and ventilation is Metal-Era – where products that look better, last longer. 

"The initial drawings for the project had shown a coping cap on the perimeter parapet walls. Due to the wide width of the walls needed to accommodate the decorative cornice, we proposed using an Anchor-Tite Fascia as an alternative. It allowed us to wrap the entire parapet and provide a watertight detail without having to fabricate an oversized cap, while still maintaining the desired look from below. We have seen issues in the past at joint covers and corners on oversized metal copings that are eliminated by using the Anchor-Tite fascia.

We have used Metal-Era’s products on many other projects and installers in the field appreciate the ease of installation and the look of the finished detail."

~ John Reiss, Estimator, D.C. Taylor Co.