Our SPEQ Promise: Speed, Protection, Expertise, Quality

Everything we do at Metal-Era is built around our SPEQ Promise of Speed, Protection, Expertise and Quality. You’ll find it in every aspect of our business … from our quick turnaround times on quotes and customer requests, and the continual reduction of lead times, to our high-wind warranties and commitment to providing customized solutions to fit unique needs. We have a long history and strong reputation in the industry, with long-tenured employees who are trained to tackle complicated projects and geared towards improving processes every day. We top it all off with investments back into the company, purchasing top-of-the-line equipment and robotics and running independent testing of our products. Our team works hard to deliver the SPEQ Promise to our customers every day.

1.  Speed, characterized by:

  • ​​Fast lead times and quick quotes
  • Responsive, energetic, customer-focused team
  • Minimized product installation time

2.  Protection, epitomized by:

  • ​​Trusted, industry-leading warranties
  • Dependable, secure products tested to the strictest standards

3.  Expertise, outlined by:

  • ​​Technical and analytical know-how
  • Focused online tools and resources
  • Continuous education programs

4.  Quality, symbolized by:

  • Best-in-class manufacturing processes and robotic cells
  • Products engineered to ensure longevity

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