Our Culture & Values at Metal-Era

We believe employees who align with our core values and company culture will be the happiest, most productive employees. Our goal is to provide an excellent working environment and culture where employees can thrive, grow, and contribute at a high level. 

Metal-Era operates with seven simple core values that guide who we are and what we're all about. If you see yourself when reading these values, you can feel confident that Metal-Era will feel like "home" to you:

Be Curious.

You ask questions, think outside the box, and respectfully challenge the status quo. You are an innovative, critical, and creative thinker who is always analyzing new ways to improve.

Be Adaptable.

You understand the need to shift gears and are open, flexible, and adaptable when things need to change. You have a positive attitude towards change and adjustment, and often encourage others through the transition.

Be Responsive.

You are aware of your surroundings, and are responsive to the needs of others. Displaying a strong sense of urgency, you're willing to jump in, get your hands dirty, and help out.

Be Accountable.

You take ownership for your actions and words, even when there's an opportunity for improvement. You celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes. You hold yourself, and others accountable to high standards.

Be Approachable.

You work to ensure people are comfortable coming to you with questions or ideas. You make on-purpose efforts to be available, and always make time for others when they need your help.

Be Supportive.

You do your best every day to support the business objectives, the team, and your managers. You offer to help when it's needed and have a dedication to the people in your Metal-Era family.

Be Inclusive.

You know your ideas are only one piece of the puzzle and value the insight gained from different perspectives. You bring others into making decisions and are overly-communicative to assure everyone is on the same page.

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