Seal-Tite XL Gutter

Size Matters: The Only Gutter GT-1 Tested Up To 14"

Engineered for specifiers & architects, the Seal-Tite XL Gutter is the industry's largest ANSI/SPRI GT-1 tested gutter system. With a 30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty, this solution is available from 8-14".

Minimal Downspouts

Reduces need for downspouts due to expanded capacity, improving curb appeal.

Eliminates External Brackets & Wind Straps

Five internal Z-Brackets instead of external brackets & wind straps for elevated aesthetics.

No Post-Painting

Skip color-matching when post-painting is unnecessary with no external brackets to cover.

Rauch Alignment Bar

Includes signature Alignment Bar that allows for optimal placement across the entire building.

Reduces Time on the Edge

Accelerates installation by 30-60%, significantly shortening time spent along the roof edge.

Option to Pre-Assemble

Allows for safe & quick assembly in the shop or on the roof prior to positioning the gutter.

Completing the Seal-Tite Gutter Family, the XL Gutter provides maximum drainage & performance with fast turnarounds for new savings. Quote the Seal-Tite XL Gutter for your project!


Expedited Installation

Increase productivity by 30-60% with the Seal-Tite XL Gutter's seamless installation process.

  • Faster, easier assembly takes a five-man crew down to two & reduces time on the roof edge.

  • Pre-punched holes quicken installation & ensure correct fastener placement & ideal spacing.

  • ​Alignment Bar eliminates the need for chalking and pre-measuring & gurantees uniform placement across the entire building. 



Seal-Tite Gutter Family

The Seal-Tite XL Gutter & the Seal-Tite WR Gutter offer warrantied, tested solutions from 5.25-14".

  • ​Both come equipped with a 30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty, contrasting competitors' offerings.

  • Both meet rigorous internal & industry standards, including ANSI/SPRI GT-1 building code.

  • Both deliver exceptional capacity, quality, & aesthetics at any size.


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