Seal-Tite XL Gutter

Size Matters: The Only Gutter GT-1 Tested Up To 14"

Engineered for contractors, the Seal-Tite XL Gutter is the industry's largest ANSI/SPRI GT-1 tested gutter system. With a 30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty, this solution is available from 8-14".

Reduces Time on the Edge

Accelerates installation by 30-60%, significantly shortening time spent along the roof edge.

Option to Pre-Assemble 

Allows for safe & fast assembly in the shop or on the roof prior to positioning the gutter.

Eliminates External Brackets & Wind Straps

Five internal Z-Brackets instead of external brackets & wind straps for increased efficiencies.

Minimal Downspouts

Reduces need for downspouts due to expanded capacity, requiring less labor for installation.

Rauch Alignment Bar

Unique Alignment Bar pairs with Lower Mounting Hanger, eliminating need to chalk/pre-measure.

Faster Lead Times

No external brackets = no post-painting & quicker lead times. 

Completing the Seal-Tite Gutter Family, the XL Gutter provides unmatched drainage & maximum performance while expediting your timeline. Quote the Seal-Tite XL Gutter for your project!


Expedited Installation

Easily put the Seal-Tite XL Gutter together in the shop or on the roof & reduce time on the edge.

  • Reduces labor up to 60%, taking a five-man crew down to two.

  • Alignment Bar eliminates chalking & pre-measuring.

  • ​Pre-punched holes quicken installation & ensure correct fastener placement & spacing.



Seal-Tite Gutter Family

The Seal-Tite XL Gutter & the Seal-Tite WR Gutter offer warrantied, tested solutions from 5.25-14".

  • ​Both come equipped with a 30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty, contrasting competitors' offerings.

  • Both meet rigorous internal & industry testing standards, including ANSI/SPRI GT-1 building code.

  • Both deliver labor & time-saving benefits with exceptional capacity & quality at any size.


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