Hy-Vee Supermarket

When Hy-Vee Weitz Construction in Cedar Rapids began the process of remodeling one of their Hy-Vee Supermarket locations, a plan which included an addition as well as a reroof project, plans called for the use of a metal coping. However, D.C. Taylor Co., the roofing contractor on the project, proposed an alternative product: Metal-Era’s Anchor-Tite fascia. 

More for Less

Because of the walls’ extreme width, using fascia instead of coping for this particular project saved time and money while still maintaining the consistent look and feel that Hy-Vee expects, and was therefore approved.

The End Result

Installing Anchor-Tite fascia allowed the contractors at D.C. Taylor Co. to create a watertight detail without having to spend more money on an oversize cap, while still maintaining the desired look from ground view. The project was completed promptly, and along with a quality engineered roof edge, Hy-Vee also gained worry-free performance and safety with an ANSI/SPRI ES-1 tested roof edge and a Lifetime, 170 MPH Wind Warranty.

“We have used Metal-Era’s products on many other projects and the installers in the field appreciate the ease of installation and the look of the finished detail.” 

~ John Reiss, Estimator, D.C. Taylor Co.

How We Did It