Laurel Street Apartments

Metal-Era was selected as the coping manufacturer for this highly custom apartment complex roof edge project. The multi-use roof included a pergola with wooden posts coming up through the coping to support the structure, covering 80% of the roof perimeter.

The Challenge

A continuous coping with standard miters was not an option. Plus, distance between the posts was not uniform, neither from post to post nor section to section. In fact, some corners had no posts while others had two. This called for the roof edge to be measured and built by section to effectively accommodate the posts. With each corner having varying needs, custom miters were required. 

The Action Plan

As a value to the customer, James McGlade, Metal-Era’s Northeast Field Technical Manager, started by conducting an in-depth field measurement of the entire roof, recording variations and install challenges while determining the best product recommendation. James worked with the Director of Product Development to create a detailed action plan by roof section to accomplish a seamless coping install, ensuring every piece would work together effectively. From there, Metal-Era’s engineering team created detailed CAD drawings; the CAD department also developed custom print approvals and installation instructions to guide an accurate installation. 

Throughout the project, James coordinated and communicated with all parties to ensure success from field measurement through final install. Not one piece needed to be remade.

The Metal-Era Difference 

This was an effective whole team approach with superior communication built-in, beginning with the rep firm, Exterior Building Solutions, identifying the project needs and connecting with James, Metal-Era’s Field Tech Manager, to assess and conduct a detailed field measurement.

James then collaborated with Metal-Era’s engineers and product development team to construct a solution-oriented custom plan. Production was seamless. Metal-Era anticipated extra materials to account for pre-determined in-field alterations. And finally, James walked the installer through the detailed instructions ensuring he was informed and ready to go. Communication was crucial on this project and led to a successful installation with Topline Construction.

“I’ve used Metal-Era a few times before and on this project I knew I had to find a source to give me a prefabricated engineered solution. Metal-Era came out and performed detailed measurements and helped with the install so not only did I have an excellent finished product, my install time was fast. I plan to use Metal-Era more in the future."  

~ Scott Manley, Owner, Topline Construction