Alta Ski Area

When Ironclad Exteriors, Inc. of Sandy, Utah, was contracted to reroof Alta Ski Area’s main administration building, they quickly realized that along with a routine reroof, the building was in need of proper ventilation to help stabilize the roof temperature. Ironclad suggested installing Metal-Era’s Hi-Perf ventilation products to assist with proper airflow and increase the life of the entire building.

Metal-Era assisted in calculating the NFA to ensure the vent width would provide a balanced airflow throughout the roof system, and the product was manufactured shortly after according to the calculation specifications.

The End Result

Ironclad Exteriors installed the Hi-Perf ventilation system quickly and with ease, and the outcome was a clean, functional ventilation system that works for the wellbeing of the entire building structure.

Installer Friendly

“It’s not easy to find a reliable ventilation product for large commercial buildings. We have used Metal-Era’s ventilation products on a number of projects and we are always impressed with the quality and consistency they provide. We’ve had a lot of success with Metal-Era’s airflow products and continue to use their systems on projects throughout the greater Salt Lake City area.”

~ Eric Kircher, Contractor, Ironclad Exteriors, Inc.

How We Did It