Central Michigan University Graduate Student Housing

When Central Michigan University began constructing two new graduate student housing buildings on campus, safety was one of the biggest factors in the construction process.


The ES-1 Standard

An ES-1 tested coping was specified for this project, and the architectural firm hired, Neumann/Smith Architecture, chose Metal-Era’s tested Perma-Tite and custom coping.


Measuring Miters

Metal-Era sales representatives with Architectural Building Specialties traveled to the campus to measure the buildings, which took several trips and a total of 18 hours. Because of the building’s complex design, all measurements had to be done from a man lift. All the angles and walls had varying lengths, which meant with every new measurement, the man lift had to be adjusted. One wrong measurement sent to Metal-Era’s Engineering Department would cause the custom finished coping to not fit properly on the roof. In addition, there were multiple gables on each building which made this custom project even more complex.

Miter Miracle

The general contractor on the project, Christman Company, hired Mid Michigan Roofing to install our products. With so many custom miters, all installed using a man lift, Metal-Era specially packaged each gable to simplify installation. Without custom packaging and labeling, the sheet metal contractor would have had to sort through 150 miters to find the correct piece. Accurate and proper packaging saved the contractor thousands of dollars in labor.

“We took on a very challenging project and with accurate measuring, labeling, and packaging, we made it as easy as possible for Mid Michigan Roofing to finish and install the numerous Metal-Era products provided,” said Jim Bieszki, one of Metal-Era’s reps.

At the end of the project, the punch list was void of any measuring mistakes. All 150 miters, 58 endcaps, and 2,262 lineal feet of coping and gravel stop were measured and manufactured to perfection. With so many custom sizes and angles on the project, this was an impressive feat to have accomplished.

How We Did It