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Features and Benefits

Warranty Eliminailer-T, a high performance nailer alternative, comes with a Lifetime, 215 MPH Wind Warranty. It covers replacement or repair of any portion of the system that has failed due to a defect in Metal-Era supplied materials. The warranty covers Eliminailer-T for the lifetime of the roof on which it was originally installed.
Also Included Eliminailer-T offers flexibility in metal retrofit applications. Some roof conditions call for added insulation on top of the flutes. Eliminailer-T is designed to accommodate standard flute-fill applications and for extra insulation conditions. Eliminailer-T fits atop the filled flute pan, accommodating the extra insulation to come directly to the roof edge, with membrane to run over the top. Finish off the installation with a proper gutter or drip edge product.  
Available Materials This product is extruded using heavy gauge aluminum.
Efficient Design The patented design installs up to 60% faster than wood nailers.  The pre-punched, staggered fastening holes ensure proper installation every time, saving time and labor costs.  The product is guaranteed to improve long-term structural and thermal performance, protecting the roof and offering greater insulation. It won’t crack, warp, split or rot; it is not a food source for insects, non-combustible and won’t absorb moisture.