Our Career Paths at Metal-Era

Being the largest manufacturer of edge metal systems for commercial roofing, we have many positions and careers paths available. Our team consists of many talented individuals who work in accounting, customer service, engineering, human resources, IT, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, and sales. Plus we offer many opportunities to continue your personal growth and develop your career. 

Manufacturing & Production

Our manufacturing operations occupies our state-of-the art facility in Waukesha, WI and offers many different types of machining, robotic cells, and welding opportunities. Our manufacturing employees are encouraged to learn many different skills and are rewarded financially based upon their internal capacity to work different equipment and manufacture different components. We reward our hard-working manufacturing employees with competitive pay, excellent benefits packages, education assistance, and unique schedules that afford excellent work-life balance.  

Operations & Logistics

Our Operations team handles all the behind-the-scenes logistics that keep our manufacturing plant producing. From purchasing to receiving, inventory management to production scheduling, warehousing to shipping -- this group works together to increase efficiencies and assure our customers are highly satisfied with their Metal-Era products. Additionally, our Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance professionals ensure we are always assessing and improving our internal processes.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are the face and voice of Metal-Era, working with and assisting our customers, contractors, and vendor partners all over North America. These talented professionals are complete, end-to-end service providers of our accounts, including: order review, order entry, communications, payment collection, problem resolution, warranty claims, and interfacing with various internal departments (technical sales, engineering, technical order processing, production, scheduling, IT, marketing, and accounting) to assure customer satisfaction.

Technical Sales

Our Technical Sales/Service Representatives (TSRs) are an amazing internal resource for our customers, providing inbound assistance and technical expertise to customers looking to place orders for products. In addition to knowing the roofing industry, mastering our wide range of products at a highly technical level, and understanding our pricing models for products, our TSRs are experts at communicating complex and technical concepts over the phone and via email. Working very closely with the Customer Service team, they provide answers, technical specifications, and quotes for orders.  

Engineering & Technical Order Processing

Our Engineering division consists of engineers, technical CAD drafters, and technical order processors. This dedicated and detail-oriented group handles both standard part orders and custom part orders. For every customer order, they dissect the ordered parts to analyze the exact amount of raw materials needed in the plant to produce the components. For custom orders, AutoCAD is used to modify parts or components for manufacture, and then the alignment for raw materials needs are calculated. This group is exceptionally detail-focused, calculated, and consistent in their approach to accuracy.

Outside Sales – Regional and National

Our Outside Sales division consists of large, regional territories, and employees who are dedicated to raising awareness of the Metal-Era brand and product lines, and increasing our market share through added customers. Our Regional Business Development Managers (RBDs) and Regional Technical Sales Representatives (RTSs) work diligently to expand the reach of the business and focus on educating prospective customers around the country.

Human Resources

Our HR department handles all the human capital activities required to attract, win, and retain our most important asset: our people. HR at Metal-Era encompasses employment branding, recruitment, hiring and onboarding, employment documentation, benefits administration, payroll processing, training and development, wellness program management, safety program management, total rewards communications, performance management, and legal compliance. Typically requiring at least an associate’s degree in HR or business administration, the employees in this group work for all employees to offer an exciting and rewarding workplace.


Our Accounting department manages and administers accounting applications (AP, AR, and GL), risk management (credit, collections, and insurance) treasury, costing, profitability analysis, cash management, and all financial reporting for the business. Typically requiring at least an associate's degree in Accounting, the employees in this group drive continuous improvement to ensure our company's fiscal health is secure for the benefit of stakeholders, employees, customers, and vendors.


Our Marketing department is a creative group of customer advocates that focus on describing and understanding the overall customer experience. This team leads the organization in implementing product and service strategies that lead to the growth of the business, informed and educated customers, and increased satisfaction of end users. Executing creative, integrated marketing programs allows this group to support our highly successful sales teams. Members of the marketing team also have hands-on development of the Metal-Era website, our latest technological advancements (i.e. interactive iPad applications), and much more.

Information Technology (IT)

Our IT department operates behind-the-scenes to assure the viability and operation of all hardware, software, and networks within the company. Software developers and programmer analysts create and maintain our innovative and proprietary software, programs, and data solutions; while our database administrators and network technicians assure the security and operation of our networks, the IT team also provides ongoing training and support to improve the skills and technical knowledge levels of management and employees alike. 


Behind every successful department at Metal-Era are leaders that are dedicated to their teams and to the growth of the business. We firmly believe in the importance of internal promotion and invest in our people by teaching onsite leadership classes and providing on-the-job opportunities to learn new skills. Leadership positions at Metal-Era include: Leads, Supervisors, Managers, Directors, and VP/Executive level roles.

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