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Specifying GT-1

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How to Spec and Discuss GT-1

During conversations about gutters and the new ANSI/SPRI GT-1 Standard, here are some things to ask or think about to help incorporate gutters into specifications.

  • Are you aware the 2021 IBC has new testing requirements for commercial gutters?

    • Gutter must be tested and documented to meet ANSI SPRI GT1 according to 2021 IBC 1504.6.1 to all specifications where a commercial gutter is being specified.

  • Is your state following the 2021 version of the International Building Code?

  • Did you update your gutter spec to include ANSI/SPRI GT-1 testing?

  • Have you updated your low slope membrane gutter specification?

  • When you verified the pressures on the perimeter and corner did you run the GT-1 calculator as well?

  • Can you reduce your risk by specifying a product with a wind warranty tied to the code required pressures?

  • When working with a contractor and they are looking to value engineer a specified gutter, ask them to provide documentation that the gutter meets 1504.6.1 of the 2021 IBC and provide the appropriate wind warranty.

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