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Metal-Era is your trusted go-to expert in the commercial roofing industry, priding ourselves on being approachable and focused with an emphasis on creating an effortless experience for customers. From time to time we like to share stories about our team going above and beyond. Today’s story concerns Fusion – a full-service roofing, restoration, and siding company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When our customer from Fusion drove to our Waukesha plant to pick up their order, avoiding a client issue, they were pleased to see everything manufactured and packaged precisely. However, he quickly realized that Fusion did not order a large enough quantity of the product.

Right on cue, the Metal-Era team sprung into action. Dan, our 2nd shift shipping lead, began the process to see what we could do on such short notice. At about 4:30pm, Dan and the customer met with Jim, Metal-Era’s Vice President of Manufacturing, and a plan was put in place.

Jim connected with Kelly, our customer service lead, to confirm the material was indeed in stock – which it was. After closely reviewing the order, it was determined that Metal-Era could expedite our process and make the product on-demand while the customer waited.

Dan, Jim, Kelly, Pete (Engineering), Ryan (Scheduling), Mary (2nd Shift Supervisor), as well as shop employees on the shear and press worked to get this order through our entire process as fast as possible.
Refreshments in hand, the customer was provided an exclusive tour of our manufacturing process while he waited for his order to be completed. Less than two hours after the issue initially arose, we received an email from the customer stating, “Metal-Era came through for me big time.”

All in a day’s work here at Metal-Era, where local relationships drive our business.

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