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Eliminailer-T Simplifies Flute Fill Retrofit Applications

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Did you know...

  • Eliminailer-T is much simpler and faster to install than wood blocking assemblies, reducing time and labor.

  • Secures and straightens the edge. Eliminailer withstood more than 990 PSF during pull testing.

  • Protects the edge with a 215 MPH Lifetime Wind Warranty. Wood nailers don’t provide any warranty or guarantee of performance. 

  • Eliminailer greatly reduces the risk of roof failure and early deterioration

Installing a flute fill metal roof usually means lots of prep, time, and labor to complete all the steps required on the job. Cutting individual wood blocking assemblies to properly fit each pan is a time-consuming pain. Metal-Era is solving that for flute-fill applications with Eliminailer-T, a heavy gauge aluminum extrusion that serves as an alternative to wood nailers.  

Replace wood blocking assemblies on flute fill projects with Eliminailer-T. It fits snug at the roof edge, allowing the pan to be filled with continuous insulation to meet the edge. Fasten Eliminailer using the pre-punched holes and move on down the line. Simple, fast, straight, and accurate.

Alan Schweiss of Architectural Pro Council in Missouri is already a fan of this new alternative to wood nailers. “Eliminailer is an extraordinary product that solves for a lot of different applications,” says Schweiss. “On metal retrofit flute fill projects using Eliminailer is a no brainer. It installs extremely fast and straightens everything out. Wood nailers are usually crooked and uneven and Eliminailer fixes all that. It eliminates the rotting and inconsistency we see with wood. I believe everyone should try Eliminailer – they’ll see the benefits right away.”

There are other benefits too. Eliminailer won’t rot, warp, or deteriorate like wood. Wood can become a food source for insects, but not Eliminailer with its aluminum construction. It’s non-combustible too. Traditional flute fill installations leave a triangular opening at the corners, allowing water and insects to get in and wreak havoc. Replacing wood with Eliminailer on flute fill eliminates that gap, protecting the roof system from premature failure.

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