Features and Benefits

Warranty Endura™ Vent Vented Fascia is offered with warranties in varying length and wind speeds that match the terms and conditions offered in the applicable Malarkey Materials and Labor Warranty (NDL). For non-NDL applications this product is warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of ten (10) years and wind speeds up to 90 MPH (145 KPH).
  • Compliant with California Wildfire Building Code
Available Materials All metal construction; the perforated closure is 24 ga. steel.
Colors Available in Bone White and Dark Bronze.
Efficient Design
  • Accommodates roof pitches ranging from 3:12 to 12:12.
  • Available sizes: 12 in2/lf and 18 in2/lf NFA; face height is 3 3/4".
  • Metal construction eliminates wavy, untrue fascia boards and is provided in 12'-0" lengths with pre-punched holes for quicker installation and lower labor costs. Fastening holes are slotted to allow for thermal movement of the materials and ensure correct fastener placement and spacing.

Product Downloads

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