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Eliminailer-T 3"

3"x2.5" & 3"x5.5" Versions

Replacing wood nailers at the building perimeter with Eliminailer-T increases the structural integrity of the roof perimeter, significantly reduces risk of failure, and helps protect the entire roof system from costly damages and blow off. 

Eliminailer-T comes in varying sizes for low slope applications, non-tapered, and pitched metal roof retrofits.  Using Eliminailer-T, insulation can be continuous directly to the roof’s edge, improving thermal performance. Eliminailer-T is fast and easy to install and comes with pre-punched fastening holes to ensure proper installation, every time.

Anchor-Tite HG Fascia, Anchor-Tite Canted Fascia, Anchor-Tite Drip Edge, and Seal-Tite Gutters are ideal roof edge partner products to complete the edge assembly. 


Features / Benefits
Eliminailer-T, a high performance nailer alternative, comes with a Lifetime, 215 MPH Wind Warranty. It covers replacement or repair of any portion of the system that has failed due to a defect in Metal-Era supplied materials. The warranty covers Eliminailer-T for the lifetime of the roof on which it was originally installed.
  • Meets the requirements of the FM Global Standards (FM Data Sheet 1-49), provided the specification for substrate strength, size, and material are met.
Available Materials:
This product is extruded using heavy guage aluminum.

Using the ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 horizontal pull test, Eliminailer-T achieved impressive structural results, resisting more than 1200 PSF without failure or deformation, meeting FM 1-990.

Efficient Design:
The patented design installs up to 60% faster than wood nailers.  The pre-punched, staggered fastening holes ensure proper installation every time, saving time and labor costs.  The product is guaranteed to improve long-term structural and thermal performance, protecting the roof and offering greater insulation. It won’t crack, warp, split or rot; it is not a food source for insects, non-combustible and won’t absorb moisture.
Custom Capabilities:

3" Eliminailer-T replaces two wood nailers and allows 3" of Polyiso and 1/2" cover board or up to 3.5" of Polyiso allowing for continous insulation to the roof edge, adding up to an R-20.5 to the edge assembly. Initial reports show up to a 35% improvement in thermal performance.  

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