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Firestone Drip Edge

TPO Coated Version

Firestone Drip Edge features an "L" shaped continuous cleat with pre-slotted fastening holes for ease of locating and installing. It is manufactured in 10'-'0" and all required fasteners are supplied for compliance with ANSI/SPRI ES-1 and the International Building Code.


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Features / Benefits
A Full System Warranty is available through our partners which covers the entire roof system under one warranty. The system is inspected after the project is complete to assure proper installation. This ensures protection for the most vulnerable area of the roof against failure due to extreme wind up lift pressures. Contact the manufacturer's sales rep directly for more information.
  • Tested per ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 Standard to comply with the International Building Code.
Available Materials:
24 ga. Drip Edge is available with Firetone TPO
Competitively Priced:
Ensures compatibility with roof membrane and system warranties
Efficient Design:
Provided in 10'-0" lengths with pre-punched holes for quicker installation and lower labor costs. The fastening holes are slotted to allow for proper thermal movement of the materials and ensure correct fastener placement and spacing.
TPO Coated products are available, quick-to-ship, in White TPO. Please email technical services regarding pricing or for additional color choices.
Factory fabricated miters provide a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This eliminates the need for field fabrication, providing time and labor savings.
Also Included:
22 ga. galvanized continuous cleats with slotted holes and fasteners are included and will arrive to the job site with the product.
Product Accessories
Training / Installation