Submittal Builder

Submittal Builder
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For Architects: Keys to Successfully Realizing Your Vision

In any building project, many factors must come together flawlessly to successfully realize your vision.

Among these is the roof edge – a key aesthetic element that cannot be overlooked. The challenge is that your typical field-fabricated edging can put the integrity of your design, the performance of your roof and the strength of your reputation at risk.

That’s a lot to worry about. But if you choose Metal-Era, you can stop worrying. You get roof edge and ventilation systems that look great with your design. Plus, all our products are easy to install, ensuring proper fit and keeping your project on schedule. They’re tested to the strictest building codes, and backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry – protecting your roof and your reputation.

And one more thing you’ll appreciate. You’re never on your own in the specification process. Our 350-plus experienced representatives and distributors are readily available to make it as easy as possible and ensure your success.

That’s peace of mind of working with Metal-Era – the smart choice in roof edge and ventilation systems.

Proven in a Range of Markets

Since 1980, Metal-Era has been meeting the exacting and evolving needs of our customers with speed, protection, expertise and quality. Explore project profiles in education, retail and other industries to learn how our roof edge and ventilation products can be found enhancing and protecting all types of roofs, on all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings across the country. More

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