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Submittal Builder
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Eco-Perf Truss Vent

The Eco-Perf Truss Vent is specifically designed for light commercial roof ventilation.  It is engineered to individual job requirements to ensure a perfect fit. 

Easy installation is a key benefit of Eco-Perf.  Our adjustable mounting bracket is designed to fit a variety of truss spacings.  Plus, our detailed installation instructions are contractor-friendly.


Features / Benefits
The 5 Year Workmanship Warranty is available on all Metal-Era products. It covers replacement or repair of products that are defective in material or workmanship.
The truss vent guarantees the required airflow underneath the roof covering to prevent heat build-up and moisture accumulation, thereby increasing the life of the roof. It creates intake venting for roof deck systems in designs with or without soffits and is engineered to work with all specific attic conditions. It is also ideal for intake venting both between and at the ends of trusses. The perforated closure provides 54% NFA.
Efficient Design:
24 gauge steel mounting bracket and perforated closure are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit with minimal effort regardless of the roof condition. This also reduces the need for wood blocking for additional cost and labor savings. The pre-slotted holes provide easy and accurate fastener placement.
The perforated closure is available in 24 gauge steel in four popular finishes: Bone White, Dark Bronze, Sandstone and Slate Gray.
Custom Capabilities:
Specially fabricated products are available to meet the unique needs of each project.
Standard Sizes:
The truss vent comes in four different lengths: 14” to 20”, 20” to 28”, 28” to 40” and 40” to 58”. Each of these lengths is offered in either widths of 2” for 12 sq. in of NFA, 3” for 18 sq. in of NFA or 4” for 24 sq. in of NFA. Custom sizes are also available.
Training / Installation