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Metal-Era's Commitment To Our Customers

Everything we do at Metal-Era is built around our SPEQ Promise of Speed, Protection, Expertise and Quality. You’ll find it in every aspect of our business … from our quick turnaround times on quotes and customer requests, and the continual reduction of lead times, to our high wind warranties and commitment to providing customized solutions to fit unique needs. We have a long history and strong reputation in the industry, with long-tenured employees who are trained to tackle complicated projects and geared towards improving processes every day. We top it all off with investments back into the company, purchasing top-of-the-line equipment and robotics and running independent testing of our products. No matter what your project need is, you’ll always have our SPEQ Promise to deliver the right solution for you.

Metal-Era's SPEQ Promise

• We strive for the fastest lead times
• We respond quickly to customer questions and quote requests
• We engineer products to minimize installation time

• We lead the industry with warranties that limit your liability
• We test products to meet building codes and strict performance standards
• We manufacture products and provide service that give customers confidence

• We support a team of expert engineers who continually seek product improvements
• We provide accurate answers to your technical questions
• We pass on our knowledge to you through open dialog, online resources and continuing education programs

• We engineer products to ensure longevity
• We maintain a consistent, reliable manufacturing process
• We stand behind our word and our products

For maximum performance, many of our products are ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 tested to comply with the International Building Code, FM tested and approved for wind uplift protection, and Miami Dade approved to comply with the “High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code.” As an Architect, Consultant, Contractor or Building owner, you know that the roof edge is the first line of defense against high wind events. With Metal-Era products you can trust that the roof will be secure when you need it most, on the edge of your roof in the middle of a storm.

To learn more about our SPEQ promise and how it benefits you, contact us today.