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About Metal Era

The Smart Choice in Roof Edge and Ventilation Systems

Want to look smart in your next building project?

Here’s some solid intelligence for you: You’ll save time, improve aesthetics and ensure quality with Metal-Era roof edge and ventilation systems.

You know that 60 percent of roof failures occur at the edge. So you know your roof edge must protect – and look good doing it. You also know that fabricating metal for the roof edge on site is costly, time-consuming and risky in terms of quality. Now it’s time you knew that Metal-Era offers a better way.

Need speed? Tap into a complete selection of products that are quick to spec, ready for immediate shipping and easy to install. Want protection? Our products are engineered and tested to the strictest building codes, and backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry. Seeking expert support? Our 350-plus experienced representatives and distributors are personally accountable for your satisfaction and success.

Ultimately, it all comes down to quality. You won’t find roof edge and ventilation systems that look better, fit better or last longer. So when you choose Metal-Era, you’ll look smarter, too.

Key Benefits of Partnering with Metal-Era

Superior products to fit the needs of every project and every budget

Keeping your project on schedule through efficient ordering systems, lean operations and the largest on-hand inventory in the industry

Rigorously tested to comply with strict industry building codes, including ANSI/SPRI ES-1, Miami-Dade, and FM

Guaranteed by industry-leading wind and performance warranties

Steadfast support of a nationwide network of experienced representatives and distributors